Grey Ghost Destinations prides itself on offering the highest quality black bear hunts. Gaspe is known for its healthy bear population as well as their size, with 350-400+ lb. bears common.

Each hunter has two well baited sites at which to hunt. With over 2500 square miles of hunting area, new sites are made available for each group. Each five day hunt is normally made up of four hunters. Hunting season runs from May 15th to June 30th.

Hunters have the choice of either rifle or bow hunting as well as tree stands or ground blind. Each hunt includes lodging, meals, guide and local transportation.

Tony Patterson

Telephone: 418-368-8994
Cell: 418-360-6277

Donald Bourgouin

Telephone: 418-368-3054
Cell: 418-361-2569


P.O. Box 6060
Gaspe, Quebec
G4X 2R6